Spouses should work together to get to Jannah.” On the contrary, many spouses these days are contributing in the destruction of eachothers Ákhira (afterlife). Advice: analyse your marriage and ask yourself, ‘am I creating a hindrance or a positive impact in my spouse?’

1. Check your intention. Actions done for other than Allah holds no substance. Why? When you do things for people, you will never achieve satisfaction in your heart which will affect your marriage. So, do things for Allah and you’ll find tranquility in your marriage.
2. Qur’an, Qur’an, Qur’an which is part and parcel of remembering Allah should be the governing source of your relationship. That means, you should be reading it together, implimenting it together and pondering its meaning together.

Single people: isthikhara, istikhara and more istikhara before you get married. Also, check your intention.
Importantly, before you get into a relationship with another soul; how’s your relationship with Allah (subhanahu wáta3la)???? What’s the measure (you ask)? .
How is your fajr salah? Are you praying on time? If your a man, are you praying at the masjid? May Allah forgive us. How can you get married and your not getting up for fajr? My brothers, you aim to take care of her rights but your not fulfilling the rights of Allah. My sisters, you aim to be a good wife but you are not good to The One who created you. If this describes you, then ‘I fear that you will drag your partner and become a hindrance for them.’ Let us fix and mend our relationship with Allah before getting into a destructible relationship. Start with repentance. We ask Allah to forgive us and you for our accumulated sins. Ameen. #reminder4MeB4U

*please share so others may benefit and you get reward. Even if, one person takes heed Alhamdulilah. All praise is due to Allah.


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