Advice of a Mother: Knowledge

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I began reading The Biography of Sufyaan Ath-Thawri (rahimahullah) and when I got to the short chapter about his parents, I could see why he became one of the most eminent scholars in Islaam. Not only was his father a scholar and provided Sufyaan with an Islamic environment- growing up amongst students of knowledge and scholars- but his mother was a woman that I wish I knew more about. The only thing that is narrated about her, is her advice to her son.

It was narrated by Wakee’ ibn Al-Jarraah who said,

“One day, the mother of Sufyaan Ath-Thauree said to (young) Sufyaan, ‘O my son! Seek out knowledge, and I will, with my spinning wheel, provide enough for you to live on.

O my son, when you have written down ten Ahaadeeth, look and see if you notice an improvement in the way you walk, in your level of patience and in your degree of self-dignity.

For if you do not see any such improvement, then know that your knowledge harms you and does not benefit you.”

SubhaanAllah Allahuakbar! With such amazing parents, it’s not surprising that Sufyaan became the man he grew up to be. As a child, he was amazingly precocious, and by the time he reached his early teens, he was already relating ahadeeth. Although, Sufyaan lived during an era of peace and prosperity, an era during which scholars thrived, without a doubt, his righteous parents had a great influence on his upbringing and development May Allah have mercy upon them both.

A message to all! Knowledge is what improves your character and takes you out of the state of ignorance. If you’re not seeing this change in yourself, and you still are sinning then you are not truly benefiting from what you learn, rather it is indeed harming you because knowledge without action is heedlessness. It’s like using a torch in the dark, without any batteries. And another reminder, don’t try and gain knowledge in one night- it will just leave you just as fast as you tried to gain it. And if your knowledge is not being implemented it will also leave you.

May Allah grant us 3ilmul-yaqeen (certainty in knowledge), beneficial knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the deen and May Allah allow us to implement what we lean and not deprive us of this blessing to gain knowledge Ameen

Fee amaanillah


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