Don’t miss an opportunity to give Dawah

Something you might notice is the fact that pious people never let an opportunity to call towards Allah pass by. One only has to read the Qur’aan to hear about how Yusuf alayhi salam called towards tawheed and Islaam whilst being in prison.

And similarly as muslims we should make the most of every chance we get and call towards Allah, even if its on the bus or at univeristy etc.

And this is Maalik bin Dinaar from the salaf who sees the opportunity to call towards Allah and he does not hesitate even one second.

It is said that a burgler entered the Imaams house but he didn’t find anything to steal. So Maalik [saw the burgler] and called him towards him and said, you did not find anything with regards to the dunyah, how about something from the aakhirah? So the burgler replied yes [I am interested].

So the Imaam instructed him to make wudhu and pray two units of prayer so he did that. Then he sat down [for awhile] and then he went to the masjid. So the Imaam was asked [when people saw this man with him] Who is this person? He replied, he came to rob but we robbed him!

[Siyaar ‘alaam an-Nubalaa volume 5 page: 362 the biography of Maalik bin Dinaar]


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