||Ḥifdh Thoughts||

“A serious Qur`ān student is a slave of a self-imposed discipline that lasts his entire lifetime. It consumes him; every day, he commits to hours of reciting and painstaking revision.

I remember reading an article a while back, “Tips for Memorizing the Qur’an,” and in a string of must-have qualities-—sincerity, time management, dedication, consistency-—was something unexpected: “A Qur`ān student should maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, and avoid junk food.” Avoid junk food? 😕 That’s a piece of advice expected from a nutritionist, much less a shaykh. Surprisingly, though, avoiding junk food is a Qur`ānic maxim many of us overlook. Exhibit A: “Oh mankind”-—here Allah commands all people-—“eat from that which is in the earth, the permissible and the ṭayyib.” يٰأيها الناس كلوا مما في الأرض حلالاً طيباً

Such a curious word, “ṭayyib.” Stripped to its roots, the word envelopes all things savory and nourishing-—as in wholesome ingredients undergoing minimal steps from field to fork. As in earth food. As in the opposite of highly processed concoctions that are the works of food scientists, and not our Rabb. As in nutritiously dense foods, and not hypertension, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease-inducing edibles masquerading as “food.” So for the student embarking on a journey so momentous as learning Qur`ān to heart-—for that serious student: strive for optimal nourishment. Optimal nourishment engenders optimal productivity in serving your Rabb. – @QuranImprints


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