The Oppression of Westernized Women

Surviving the Freedom

Often times, we hear the world speaking about the subjugation and oppression of Muslim women. Everyday, without exception, the media throws negative and untrue images about us – we are not free to educate ourselves, we are forced to cover up by the men in our family, we are outdated, we are allowed to be beaten by our men and the list of lies never ends. These are misconceptions and I am not here to clarify any misconceptions – there’s plenty of clarification on the net and you can do your own research if you are sincere.

I am here to clarify the misinterpretation of oppression and to remind you of it’s meaning.


  1. When I say Westernized women, that includes both Muslims and non-Muslims.
  2. When I say Muslims, I mean Muslims who actually practice Islam in all aspects of their life.

The understanding of Oppression

We have all been…

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