Salaah: Standing Posture

Key to Attaining Khushu’

After entering the Prayer, the Prophet (ﷺ) would stand with his hands folded- right hand holding the left wrist or directly on the left wrist- above his navel area (some other narrations: on his chest) and then have his eye sight at the place of prostration (sujood).

As to the standing position, it denotes the servants observation of his duty towards Allah. In this instance, the discipline of the one who prays is to remind his heart of the Almighty present before him and to give up, as much as he/she can, personal desires, and to bring to the core of his/her heart Allah’s Greatness and their dependence upon Him.

Hence, after the fixation of this fact in the heart, our recitation will carry more meaning and we will be disclosed to the secrets of the salaah, such that when you look at the place of prostration-which is the ground, you will be reminded of the principle origin of man, or declining the head, implying humility to the Sovereignty of your Lord

These disciplines further remind us to consider ourselves present, standing before Allah, conveying His Greatness and preparing the heart for this private conversation with Allah, obliging it to humbleness, submission, calmness, fear, hope, humility and modesty till the end of the salaah.

We are to stipulate that our heart should be keen in observing these affairs, and not look at salaah as a burden. It is with much regret that in reality we are negligent in these areas because our hearts are distracted and filled with much of the dunya and that which doesn’t benefit it.

The most appropriate posture shown to us by the Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) is the most befitting when praying to the most Mejestic. When we fold our arms loosely on our chest, in a somewhat relaxed manner, with our eyes lowered, as we do in prayer, that creates a mental frame of mind redirecting you towards having humility and respect with an atmosphere of awe and tremendous love with reverence and grandeur of the Almighty.

While standing in such a position of serenity, humility and love for the Lord, the Master, the Creator, we recite Quran- the Book of Allah- with fine, slightly-melodious, recitation and deeply spiritual reflection upon the meaning; absorbing the divine wisdom; feeling repentant of shortcomings; with hope and resolve for reforming.

Truly the most appropriate posture to experience the sweetness of imaan and feel the cooling of our eyes!


2 thoughts on “Salaah: Standing Posture

  1. Is there anything regarding the general postions that says that one should have a firm and fixed posture with precise movements, because many today have a habit of very loosley flailing their hands for takbeer and hunching their backs in the jalsah and so on as if they are sick of praying…

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